Alena Bernardi is a an actress, classically trained soprano, and singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Alena grew up playing piano in her living room and writing songs and melodies any free moment she had to herself. When she was 12 her family bought her a boom box and that was the beginning of everything for Alena. All she wanted to do every night was go down to the basement with the boom box and sing along to her favorite early 2000’s pop album or the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. It really depended on her mood. Around that time Alena joined her middle school’s choir group and started learning to sing legit and competing all around Michigan. Alena found the power and strength in legit repertoire intoxicating and she continued to study and compete.

Moving forward Alena began participating in high school theatre and fell in love with acting and delving deep into performance and the complexities of characters and the stories that they are a part of. She was accepted into Michigan State University’s Music Program as a Voice Major in 2006. In 2011 she received her BM in Music Education with a specialization in classical voice from Michigan State University. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all perfect and aliened. Alena began to develop some vocal issues prior to her graduation from Michigan State which made it so she could no longer sing the legit repertoire she had once been able to.  This was a difficult time for Alena but she still knew she had a lot to offer so she followed her heart and moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry soon after she graduated.

Alena decided to put to work her love of songwriting when she got to Los Angeles and began recording a full 9 track indie pop/rock album with The People’s Music studio in Sherman Oaks. Although it was always in the back of her mind that she wanted to get back on stage and sing the way she once could, she knew that her body and voice would not corporate and it was something that was not possible for her at the moment. When it came time to record the vocals for the album Alena decided that she would get some help from a professional vocal coach and reached out celebrity vocal coach Micah Plissner. Alena worked with Micah for two months and to her amazement, with Micah’s guidance, Alena fixed her voice. Within one year Alena finished recording her album, began singing musical theatre and opera professionally, and co-founded her own theatre company, The Proof Doubt Closer Theatre Company, in June 2016. Alena’s album is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

Alena has produced and starred in three musicals with Proof Doubt Closer. Their first show which ran at the Studio/Stage Theatre in Hollywood for four weeks in August 2016 was an adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Ruddigore. Alena played the role of the wide eyed Rose Maybud. Their second show which ran at Bar Fedora in Downtown Los Angeles for four weeks in February of 2017 was a musical review of hit songs from flop musicals called “Carrie” That Tune! Hit Songs From Flop Musicals. In this production Alena received a standing ovation for her performance of the quintessential coloratura soprano aria “Glitter and Be Gay” from Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. Alena is currently performing at the Pan Andreas Theatre in Hollywood for the run of Cy Coleman’s ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, where she is playing the role of the glamourous Lily Garland. Alena spearheaded this production. She is the musical director  and oversaw an $8,000 indieGoGo campaign in order to kickstart the project.

Alena has a passion for creating projects that not only push her to put forth her best artistic work but also influence and inspire her creative community of artists and actors to do the same. Through her love of the stage, music, and songwriting she hopes to one day produce and star in her own original musicals as well as have an existing presence in film and television. There is not greater joy to Alena than being able to bring people together through art. One day Alena hopes to be able to expand her reach and bring people together all over the world.