Welcome to my Website!

Welcome to my Website! This will be a place where you’ll get to hear all about me as an artist and receive updates on all of my music and video releases as well as where and when I will be performing all over the United States.

Lets start with a little bit about me….

I am an actress, singer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. I grew up first tinkering on the piano in my living room. As I look back on it I can still envision myself sitting on the piano bench next to the embroidered white couch after school. I was so happy to discover everything about music and how all of the notes and keys worked with each other simultaneously.

As I grew I was continuously writing songs and melodies any free moment I had to myself. When I was 12 my family bought me a boom box and that was the beginning of everything. All I wanted to do every night was go down to the basement with my boom box and sing along to my favorite early 2000’s pop album or the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. It really depended on my mood.

A few years after moving to Los Angeles I decided to put to work my love of songwriting and began recording a 9 track indie pop/rock album with The People’s Music studio in Sherman Oaks. A few years after that I also started my own theatre company where I could carry out my dream of producing unique and original works of theatre, but enough about that. Let’s talk ALBUM!

Flash back to 2014. It’s was a Wednesday morning at around 10:30am. I had recently woken up. Slightly hungover. I had just returned home from grabbing a bagel at the Winchells down the street and was eating on my bed, my white kitten, angel, curled up next to me. I remember sitting in my studio apartment in east Hollywood on the border of KoreaTown. The neighborhood kind of smelled like rotted food and gasoline with whiffs of the dry California foliage. I had painted the walls of the 350 square foot studio a pale green, the late morning light was coming in from the blinds and as I ate I was pumping out lyrics and a melody in my writing notebook based on my most recent mid twenties heartbreak.

A few evenings later I was getting ready to sleep. I had just finished an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I closed my computer and curled up inside my red t-shirt material sheets from target. I could feel little granules of kitty litter angel had trapsed onto my bed rubbing against my exposed skin as I turned over to fall asleep.

About 5 minutes into the beginning of my sleep a melody came into my mind. As I lay there playing with the melody in my head, interweaving the lyrics and the melody together with the piano part I am also thinking about how I do not want to get up and work it out. Reluctantly, I peal myself out from under the covers and sit down at my old school Roland keyboard from the 90’s which weights about 100 pounds and start to steadily play eighth notes on a Cmaj7 chord and working out the lyrics and melody for my song “How is it Supposed to go.”

These little moments were the start of the album, from there it was just a matter of saving all of the money I could from teaching music to pay for this masterful piece of work.

I AM SO PROUD and SO HAPPY. To announce that in a little less than a month on Jan. 23rd, 2018 I’ll be releasing the first single for my album titled “You,” and I’ll be releasing the full length album in March of 2018!

Go to https://soundcloud.com/alenabmusic/how-is-it-supposed-to-go for a FREE download of this song “How Is It Supposed To Go”



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